Sunday, June 27, 2010

LA Splash Sparkling Gold

I am going to share my favorite gold with you!  I am not really ever a fan of yellow gold--in jewelry or in polish as I am much too pale for any shade of yellow, be it mustard or golden.  I tend to go for brass golds or pale golds, which is why LA Splash Sparkling Gold caught my eye when I first found out about this brand.  I seriously can't stop looking at my nails--they're so sparkly!

Sparkling Gold is pale gold microglitter with a few pieces of red glitter suspended in a clear base.  Together the red and gold create a golden wonderland on the nail--it almost looks like it could be a tarnished silver.  I love it!

In all of its glitter goodness, direct sun

The pics above are closer to the true color
of the polish--it's a pale gold.

Glitter close up!

Sorry, that's a lot of pics, I know.  It was impossible to capture how truly dazzling this is on the nail.  And microglitters are my weakness.  Actually, who am I kidding...all glitters!  I'm a first grader at heart.  I am in love with it--and as you already know, I love LA Splash.  The colors are gorgeous, the bottle is skinny and easy to store with a great brush, and the price point is...well, on point!

As with many clear-based glitters, this was four coats until there was no VNL.  I put this over Orly bonder (which works wonders with glitters!) all topped with a coat of Out the Door.

Thanks for reading!

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ShortAndSweetNails said...

Love this!!! I love glittery/shimmery polish too :)

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