Friday, June 11, 2010

LA Splash Abyss

I love LA Splash nail polish.  They're only $4 a pop, come in great skinny bottles and they have tons of GLITTERS!!!  I guess I was feeling a bit goth when I got home this afternoon because I went straight for my bottle of Abyss, a black creme with silver microglitter.

The glitter in this polish was perfect: nice and smooth with even spacing.  It looked like the milky way!  Tiny glitter is my favorite kind of glitter, but I might add a larger glitter as a topcoat tomorrow.  The formula was nice and smooth--this was two coats and I had complete coverage.  And then I added a fauxnad star on my thumb for good measure, in konad silver special polish:

LA Splash has some great polishes (and mascaras!).  Sparkling gold and sparkling lavender are two more of my favorites; they're on sale this week (buy one get one 50% off) at Ulta.  

Anyone else love LA Splash?  Any other great (and cheap!) glitters?

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