Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pure Ice Free Spirit

There are no Walmarts near me (heaven forbid!) but I made a quick stop when I went to visit my parents so I could pick up a few polishes.  I had seen two different versions of Pure Ice Free Spirit on various blogs and I was hoping I would find the one that wasn't mint green--I was never into that trend even though I have a few.  I prefer a unique green polish and I was in luck!

Free Spirit is a darkened lime with a hint of shimmer.  Love it! I'd never used this brand before and I'm happy to report that, despite one finicky nail, it's held up nicely for three days.  Minimal tipwear.

This is one coat of Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler, two coats of Free Spirit and two of Out the Door:

Look at that lovely green!

Indoor light

Check out the shimmer in the bottle

In direct sunlight, after three days of wear

I still have a few more Pure Ice colors to try out, but this dries to a bit of a satiny finish, as it is a hint neon.  If you can find this version of Free Spirit, I highly recommend!  This is a fun spring/summer color and I'm loving it in this beautiful weather.


polishsis said...

Ohhh I like this green!

Thank you for tagging me for the award, I really wanted to do something nice with it, but I'm just too busy with my social life ( it's summer here, extremely hot, so everybody gives a party ). But I really apreciate the gesture!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I'm really liking this green and I love Pure Ice polishes. I'm gonna need to see if I can find this one. I dont think I've seen it yet...or it's always gone!

KarenD said...

Very nice green! I think this is the version I have. I didn't realize there were two--now I want to go looking for swatches.

Lunuland said...

@polishsis--no problem, I hope you're having fun at your parties!

@ ShortAndSweetNails--get it! It's so pretty and reminds me of lime sorbet.

@KarenD--how weird, right? If you look for swatches, most of them are a light mint green--almost a Chanel Jade dupe. I like this one better!

bellebathandbeyond said...

Another green! Yay!!!! I wish I had more Pure Ice polishes.

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