Sunday, July 25, 2010

Urban Outfitters Grey 1 + Konad!

Urban Outfitters currently has a bunch of their in-house polishes on sale.  Though they are regularly 2 for $8, I saw a bunch for only 99 cents and so I had to pick up a few colors.  They also had a bunch of their "sparkle" colors on sale, which looked like flakies, but I decided not to get those.  Does anyone have the UO sparkles?  I was intrigued...

One of the shades I picked up was Grey 1.  Though it's not the most creative name, I kind of like how they maybe decided to choose simplicity over cheesiness.  Grey 1 is a very dark green-tinged grey in the bottle.  On the nails it's a dark charcoal.  I really like the darkness of it.  The cap/brush are a bit difficult to polish with, but the color was smooth and opaque after two coats.  I then used the geometric pattern from konad plate m64 with white stamping polish.  I topped the whole thing off with a coat of China Glaze matte magic--this looks soooo much better matte.

Thanks for reading!


ShortAndSweetNails said...

Looks awesome with that stamping!
I always go into UO and pick up polishes then I look at the lines and I'm like "um no" LOL

Danielle said...

That looks super cool!

KarenD said...

That does look great matte!

Lunuland said...

Thanks guys! UO is really crowded all of the time, but I got lucky with the line this time!

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