Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OPI Paris Couture for Sure!

I'm away for the next week--headed to the West Coast for some RnR (and vino!).  As you are reading this, I am hopefully eating something delicious on the bay!  I swear, my only reason for vacationing is to try restaurants/trendy food spots that I've heard about.  I eat my way through every vacation...at much more than $40 a day (suck it, Rachael Ray)!  You should have seen me during my year in Europe--not pretty.

Anyway, speaking of European cities where I made a glutton of myself, this is Paris Couture for Sure.  It is a smooth silver glitter holo, labeled as a "glitter top coat".  I have a lot of silver holos, but this one is my favorite.  One of my OPI oldies, I think it's discontinued, but I believe you can still find it on ebay.  I love this silver holo, though I am still lemming the Nfu-Oh one.

Since this is a top coat, it is a bit sheer.  This is three coats and I still have some vnl, four is perfect.

Thanks for reading!


Smita said...

this is amazing!!!!!

Jana said...

Pretty! Enjoy vacation :)

josh healy said...

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Tanya said...

I love the nails!


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