Sunday, August 1, 2010

Essie Perky Purple

I needed some neon today...bad.  Unfortunately, this color doesn't show up anything close to accurate on my camera.  I tried to mess around with the hue and such and this is the closest I can get.  Sorry about the green skin!

This is from last summer's neon collection.  I polished on two coats of Essie Perky Purple with one of Seche Vite and I probably could have used one more coat, but I was in a rush.  This is a neon purple/pink and so it dries matte...and shows every flaw.  Have some topcoat ready.  I do love how awesomely bright it is though.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Thanks for reading!


Smita said...

this looks so nice! this is one of my favourite essie's.. you're right the picture does not capture the true essence of this polish! still looks great though!!!

Lunuland said...

Thanks! I love this one, and the neon yellow from that collection. Essie needs to make some more fun colors like those!

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