Monday, September 13, 2010

Zoya Kelly

Zoya Kelly is a rich grey creme with blue and purple undertones from the Wonderful collection.  This is two coats and it's all creme-y goodness!  I'd say it's more of a slate or smoke than a charocoal, but this is a pretty trendy color.   I don't think I have any dupes, but I plan on doing a grey comparison swatch real soon just to see.  All of these pictures are in direct sun.

Sorry for the wear on these--I've been polishing at night lately and haven't been home during daylight hours to take a next day pic.  I use my hands all day at work and there's often tipwear by the time I get home.  The color is accurate anyway!

Thanks for reading!


Let them have Polish! said...

I just wore this color like a day ago :). I'm in love with it. It was so easy to work with.

KarenD said...

Great color! This is definitely going to be in my next Zoya order.

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